Based in Leicester, UK for over thirty years, Dawson Smith is originally from Abertillery, South Wales and has a well earned reputation for fronting great bands and rocking venues all over the UK and beyond. Dawson first made his name as the frontman / songwriter of blues rockers The Healers (’90s). Following The Healers split, Dawson recorded two successful solo albums. Valley Boy (2002) and The River Road (2005). Loads of gigging followed, playing with a flexible band line up. In 2005 Dawson put together THE DISSENTERS with the intention of forming his dream ‘road band’ able to deliver the type of driving swamp blues and rootsy Americana bar room rock & roll that has always been the backdrop to Dawson’s distinctive songs.

Dawson's breakthrough album was Took The Night, released in 2011. Took The Night was picked up by Proper Music for full national distribution and sold well following glowing reviews and extensive airplay and lots of gigs and festival shows. The follow up album in 2016 was The Mileage carried on the musical progression and opened up opportunities for shows on the more established gig and festival circuit including appearences at The National R&B Festival at Colne,The HRH Crows at Sheffield O2, Upton Blues Fest, Abertillery Blues Fest (Dawson's home town). The Mileage recieved glowing reviews and lots of airplay and a video for the song Going Down attracted large viewing figures.


2019 was another big year for Dawson & The Dissenters.

Loads of gigs and some profile festivals including

Rory Gallagher Fest (Nantwich) in August.

National Rock & Blues Fest Skegness in January 2020

as Headliners for Blues Matters Stage


An EP 'Back To Memphis' was recorded in August 2019 and was accompanied by 2 new videos. The EP was released in November 2019 with a rockin' launch show in Leicester. The EP continues to  receive lots of radio play and the Videos have had loads of views including special features on HRH Media and Americana UK.


Dawson spent 2020 lockdown writing new songs and recruiting some new members to The Dissenters. A new album Been So Long is due out in August 2021 with gigs and festivals to follow. The band is sounding fresh and ready to rock and the new songs are sounding great. Forget 2020 and lets rock on! See you on the road!

“Dawson Smith and his band The Dissenters always deliver the perfect blend of

high energy rock ‘n’ Americana

and blues rock how its meant to be!

switch-blade tight with no frills and great songs!”


Blues Matters 2020