"Dawson Smith and the Dissenters were on stage two putting in a great set which was a mix of Americana and blues. A great polished performance! it’s obvious that this is a band that plays a lot of live shows! " 


"The Dissenters had constant forward momentum

throughout with solid riffs and classic songs,

it made for an excellent set. Dawson had some awesome banter with the crowd and seemed 

genuinely humbled by the adoration of the fans”


Sheffield 02 Academy

"New band to me but Dawson Smith And The Dissenters  played a blinder!  A rocking blues and Americana masterclass. Well chosen covers and great original songs. Ones to watch! " - POWER PLAY


"Meanwhile, the harder edge of Americana was being blended with Blues Rock in the shape of DAWSON SMITH AND THE DISSENTERS on stage two. This Leicester-based outfit upped the pace and injected some serious Blues licks and vocals into proceedings; it was a rousing set which got feet tapping and hands clapping all around!"


Dawson Smith and the Dissenters are road warriors. Dawson seemed overjoyed to be on a bill where he fit in perfectly after years of being the token Americana guy at a rock show.

They played damn fine boogie and some of the best guitar work of the day from a man sporting neither beard nor bandana!